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Best Natural Oils for Skin - Skin Care Products

Lemongrass Oil
Lemongrass oil is a great tool for oily, acne prone skin. Astringents and cleanses dilated pores. Eliminates blackheads and removes skin infections. Lemongrass oil is a good treatment in fungal skin infections. Normalizes perspiration of sweat, and easily removes unpleasant odors suitable for heavy sweats foot care

    Aloe vera used in many cosmetic products to reduce the injurious effects of sun and in best quality moisturizing creams and lotions. Used after the sun baths soothes, moisturize irritated skin
Aloe Vera Oil also Speeds up wound healing and prevent formation of scars. Aloe vera used to treat capillary dilation. To keep skin beautiful and equal tanning lasting, Aloe Vera used after sunbathing

With a lack of vitamin A, skin and mucous membranes become dry, the skin cracks. Carotenoids of carrot oil activates the intracellular redox processes, regulates water and salt and carbohydrate metabolism. Enhances the formation of protein compounds, promotes epithelialization and faster healing of skin wounds, eliminates skin rashes, and improves the complexion.

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