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coriander,For the treatment of blood pressure

A recent study confirmed that green coriander have many benefits for ... people with high blood pressure as it:

1. Cleanse the body of toxins and dysentery.
2. Helps to treat food poisoning.
3. Reduce flatulence.
4. Stimulate the stomach and reduce the acidity (1-2 tablespoons coriander seeds pour in a cup of boiling water drink every day).
5. Removes allergies.
6. Stimulates the immune system.
7. And improves memory.
8. Helping to overcome the great psychological burden.
9. Rescue in patients who suffer from mental illness.
10. Helping to overcome the fears and anger.
11. Removes excess fluid from the body.

Coriander, For the treatment of blood pressure

She pointed out that eating one packet of coriander during the three-day meals helps to reduce high blood.
In the case of non-availability of green coriander, taken fill a teaspoon of coriander powder dry with every meal, which gives the same effect and restore blood pressure to normal .

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