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Lemongrass Oil Health And Beauty Benefits

Excellent tones, refreshes, removes fatigue feeling, helps to restore the body's strength. Helps to focus attention, to memorize larger amounts of information.  Lemongrass oil is perfect insect repellent.

Beauty skin
Lemongrass oil is a great tool for oily, acne prone skin. Astringents and cleanses dilated pores. Eliminates blackheads and removes skin infections. Lemongrass oil is a good treatment in fungal skin infections. Normalizes perspiration of sweat, and easily removes unpleasant odors suitable for heavy sweats foot care.

Lemongrass oil used as a mask oily hair reduces hair grease, while feeding and cherishing your hair.

Medical uses
Lemongrass oil is a great treatment in respiratory diseases. Cures colds, sinus infections and other respiratory diseases. Removes of headaches and migraine pain. Relieves hypotension, dizziness,  faint feeling.

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