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Pomegranate Honey for Treating Anemia and Strengthen the Nervous System

Pomegranate honey bees collect during these trees flowering time. It has unique taste and contains many ingridients to solve health problems.

 Big quantity of iron in pomegranate honey increases hemoglobin in the blood, to prevent and treat anemia. Pomegranate honey useful for pregnant women and children during growth.

Trace elements and vitamines
Pomegranate honey contains many vitamines (especially B), what helps to strength nervous system, cardiovascular system. In addition, pomegranates honey rich in vitamine C, folic acid.

Antioxidants found in pomegranate honey help to prevent infections of respiratory system, infectious hepatitis, benign tumors.

How to store Pomegranate honey
Keep in a dark cool place far from sunlight, in a sealed container.


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