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Cinnamon, Diabetes Treatment

 If you suffer from diabetes or cholesterol in the blood, then you need to use cinnamon

- Medical uses of cinnamon:

1. According cinnamon in the treatment of diarrhea because holding disinfectant. It also reduces swelling intestine.

2. According to cinnamon in the treatment of microbial urinary infections.

3. Generally benefit cinnamon in the treatment of infections in the body.

4. Has proven to be the smell of cinnamon improves cognitive functions of the brain.
5. Encourages the body to burn fat strongly and so they are fighting obesity and atherosclerosis. And have been shown to reduce triglycerides and LDL cholesterol.
6. Cinnamon increase the conversion of glucose into energy at a rate twenty-fold by the American Research. They heated booster.
Cinnamon,For the treatment of blood pressure

* But beware of cinnamon oil, which is sold to the Downtown it is a caustic substance and not only be used to ease severe and under the supervision of an expert And cinnamon
Cinnamon, Diabetes Treatment
As for sugar is the most powerful herbs to stimulate the body's cells to take advantage of the hormone insulin. It helps cells to burn more sugar to the extent that lower blood sugar by twenty percent can be achieved by no more than half a teaspoon of cinnamon, but might take a quarter teaspoon cinnamon according to the human condition and weight.
And has proven to be one teaspoon of cinnamon with every meal treated patients with insulin resistance any second type of sugar, provided their diet.

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diabeteshealthcare said...

Balancing your daily diet is must and adding Cinnamon in it may be more useful. Taking precautions are always better than cure.

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