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Pomegranate Honey, For the prevention of anemia

Pomegranate is delicious autumn fruit taste and health benefits mentioned in the Quran in three verses in Koranic cattle

Benefits of pomegranate to get rid of grease and obesity:

In one study recently published by one of the sites shows that Arab scientists discovered that those fruit paramount and that they called "Super Fruit" or "super fruit" has the ability to reduce the fat stored around the stomach, which some consider additional wheel men and top of the cake with the women.

After a month of taking a number of volunteers bottle of pomegranate juice per day for each of them proved to be less likely because adipose cells grow on their stomachs.
Also enjoyed low blood pressure and thus reduced the risk of stroke and heart attack, stroke and kidney disease.
Believes a team of researchers working at the University of Edinburgh that pomegranate juice may help reduce the fatty acid in the blood

Pomegranate Honey
Andthere are many other benefits of the pomegranate, including:

- The treatment of high fever and chronic diarrhea and dysentery Alambabh, headache, visual impairment, where pomegranate juice is used two cups per day.

- Expel intestinal worms, especially tapeworms and treatment of hemorrhoids is used drenched roots pomegranate peel rate teaspoon with fill a cup of boiling water and leave for ten minutes and then filtered and drink an average of three to four times a day.

- Treat troubles nose and stimulate nerves and exhaustion cases taken drops of pomegranate water and mixed with a spoonful of honey and then placed in the nose Vchwy permission God troubles nose as that drinking pomegranate juice with honey benefit nerves and exhaustion.
- Contribute pomegranate juice mixed with a little water with a little honey in the treatment of constipation and attendance this recipe purify the blood and resist indigestion.
Pomegranate fruit fun and has a lot of benefits given by God Try to eat and tell us the benefits that you know other benefits.

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