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Saffron, to treat low consideration

The study reported that eating saffron, regularly makes eye cells necessary for eyesight minute more flexibility and power to resist diseases. The experiments conducted recently showed on the Food rats submitted to it and inside saffron shielded her eyes from the harm caused by strong sunlight, also slowed genetic diseases such as retinitis pigmentosa .
Saffron best treatment for low consideration

The Daily Telegraph that the researchers found also that the saffron reduce the risk of damage to a small area in the back of the eye called macula allows see small objects clearly, when progress in life, noting that when not working this area in the form of a natural may patient suffers from lack of vision clearly or darkness.

Around 500 thousand people in the UK of this case, and about 2% of people aged over 50 years old suffer from this disease in the United Kingdom as well.

Recent studies have shown that the case of some patients improved after the introduction of saffron in their foods. Being scientists from the University "L'Aquila" in Italy and the University of "Sydney" in Australia clinical trials on patients suffering from retinal problems and the inability to see small objects clearly because of advances in age.

Saffron,  to treat low consideration
Furthermore, said Professor Sylvia Beastie, who led the research at the University of L'Aquila Italian "seems to be saffron contains properties that protect eyesight, and we are now looking for a mechanism that, but it seems to us that it protects cells eyes from damage due to its material strong and anti-oxidant" .

"It also appears that the saffron affects the gene organization of the activity of the components in the cell membrane fatty cells and this makes the eyes stronger and more flexible.

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