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Lupine oil - Natural Cosmetics for Skin

 Lupine oils have high nutritional value in fiber and protein and low in fat. Contain bioactive compounds, which are helpful in preventing cancer and cardiovascular disease. The high protein content of Lupine oil makes it perfect to add in protein shakes and bars.

Lupines oil in medicine
Studies have shown good effect in  cosmetic use of a composition, especially as antioxidant, anti-free radical agent, antielastase agent, agent for protecting against UVA and/or B, agent for protecting DNA against damage, especially oxidative damage.

Pharmaceutical use
Lupine oil used in pharmaceutical purposes, especially for photoprotection, against actinic aging or otherwise, and for protecting the skin against oxidative attacks including pollution.

Cosmetic use
 Particulary used as an antisun product for protecting against UVB, radiation, infrared radiation. In restructuring or toning cream, for the prevention and the regression of vibices, a nutritive cream, antiwrinkle cream (for combating aging of the skin, epidermis and dermis) and protective day cream, contour of the lips and of the eyes, regenerative and protective lipsticks.

Freckles and pigmentation destruction
Widely used and give perfect effect in brightening freckles and lentigo.

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