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Sea Salt Scrub Benefits and Uses in Egypt

Sea Salt Scrub Benefits and Uses

Sea salt has more than 60 trace elements, which are very useful for our body. Used in the treatment of various diseases, especially skin and respiratory system diseases.
Sea salt used for food, medical treatment, spa treatments, and cosmetics. Sea salt regulates metabolism, promotes skin regeneration, healing the spine and joint diseases.
We recommend sea salt scrub with natural additives. This is the way of natural skin care. 

Sea salt scrubs exfoliate the skin, removing the horny layer, which is constantly innovating and clogs the skin pores. During peeling process, dead skin cells and dirt accumulation removed from skin. Skin becomes soft, smooth, bright and beautiful. Peeling process promotes blood circulation, speeds up cell regeneration, and accelerates collagen and elastin synthesis.
During peeling process, skin supplied with vitamins and trace elements. For normal and dry skin, exfoliation recommended one time per week. Oily skin up to two times a week.

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