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Cinnamon is obtained from certain types of the inner bark of a tree that is stripped, dried and ground to a powder. A widely used as a spice added to baked goods, tea, coffee, chocolate, desserts.

 Medical uses: reduce blood cholesterol levels (use 2 tsp per day). Stimulate insulin receptors; there lowering blood sugar at a second type of diabetes. Cinnamon enhances peripheral blood flow.  Some studies have found that cinnamon prevents cancer cells multiplying. Inhibits growth of bacteria, so it is used as a natural preservative. Rich in minerals (magnesium, calcium, iron) and has a lot of fiber. 

Cinnamon (diluted with milk) relieve menstrual pain, reduce bleeding. Cinnamon strengthens the nervous system, immune system, has anti-inflammatory effect. Cinnamon helps with nausea and bloating.
Arthritis pain relief: half a teaspoon of cinnamon mixed with a tablespoon of honey.  Use during one week every morning before meal.

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