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Natural Herbs - Marjoram

Marjoram Effectiveness and Benefits 

Marjoram tea soothes the nerves, stomach and intestinal cramps. Helps with insomnia. Marjoram is recommended after myocardial infarction. Promotes digestion and assimilation of fat. Strengthens the nervous system and stomach. Marjoram is added to red wine as an aphrodisiac. Used to remove the symptoms of colds. Marjoram helps in stomach disorders, asthma, gum bleeding and inflammation.  

Good treatment in the lining of the mouth. Marjoram is used to regulate the menstrual cycle. Inhibition of migraine headache and dizziness. Used as a flavoring in cooking meat, vegetables dishes. Irreplaceable flavor in confectionery industry. Rich in vitamins A and D. Ideal for the treatment of anorexia (appetizing). Treatment for pancreatitis, hepatitis, neurovegetative disorders, childrens malnutrition.

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