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Hibiscus Benefits And How To Prepare

Hibiscus (Karkade  sabdariffa) contains:  vitamin C (protects the body against viral infections), 15-30% organic acids, polysaccharides, flavonoids. It regulates blood pressure. Drinking hot Karkade tea (especially swetened), blood pressure rise up. Drinking a cold Hibiscus , blood pressure goes down. Encourage excess liquid removal from the body. Karkade mixed with cinnamon, a good measure for painful menstruation. Hibiscus has a positive effect on potency. 

Cold Hibiscus tea with pieces of ice acts as a sedative for sleep. Relieve stress, cleanse the kidneys and liver, great thirst-quencher, has antiseptic properties. Strengthens the immune system and increases physical endurance. Karkade used in cosmetics to treat skin acne (wash the face with Hibiscus broth). Preparation of hot drink: Hibiscus filled with boiling water. Cold drink: karkade filled with lukewarm water.

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