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Aloe Vera Lotion

Since ancient times Aloe Vera (Real Aloe) is famous in many countries, because of her healing properties.

Aloe Vera contains allantoin, antioxidants, vitamin C, E, B group vitamins, and beta-carotene. Used in many cosmetic products to reduce the injurious effects of sun and in best quality moisturizing creams and lotions. Used after the sun baths soothes, moisturize irritated skin.

 Aloe Vera lotion used after the sun and household skin burns, smoothes and regenerate skin. Has a natural cooling effect. Relieves allergies, has skin firming effect. Especially effective after insect bites, relieves irritation, itching, swelling.

Aloe vera used to keep skin beautiful and equal tanning lasting, Aloe Vera used after sunbathing. After returning from the beach and showering, apply Aole Vera lotion on wet skin all over body.

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Misty Sotto said...

Aloe Vera was very helpful and one of of the most useful herbal, I knew, I like your blog,


Sara vanan said...

Hi, very nice blog with lot of informations about Aloe Vera products. We manufacture all kind of Aloe Vera Products .
Thanks for sharing.

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