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Lettuce Oil Benefits, Natural Oils

Lettuce Oil

Lettuce seed oil contains folic acid, which regulates digestion, strengthens the nervous system, and is necessary for normal functioning for female hormonal system and body metabolism.  Rich in vitamins A , C, K, B group , beta-carotene,riboflavin,  calcium, magnesium, iron and iodin. Lettuce seed oil has an excellent sedative and soporific effect.  Recommended for patients with nervous exhaustion, depression, nervous tic, and insomnia. Osteoporosis, anemia, heart disease prevention. It helps in the nervous stress, difficult experience, tight schedules degraded nervous system. Regulates cholesterol in the blood, helps to prevent atherosclerosis and hypertenzion.  Regular consumption of lettuce oil regulates fat metabolism.

Use: to strengthen the nervous system, relax the tension take 1 teaspoon before sleeping during a month. For insomnia 2 teaspoon in 20 minutes before sleeping. To solve nervous tic, applied to the problematic area.

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