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Hibiscus benefits

Hibiscus health supplements


 are produced from over three hundred plant kinds and are produced in such climates as the tropics and the orient. Other names for it are Jamaica Sorrel, Rosa Mallow and China Rose. There are many hibiscus benefits that will help in your everyday life as hundreds of years of history have told many cultures. The varietyof the hibiscus herb in tablet form is one of the best things about the way modern day has changed the herb. You can now find it easily and use it readily anywhere you go by carrying it along with you.

Hibiscus (Karkade   sabdariffa ) consists of:


  vitamin C (protects the body against viral infections), 15-30% organic acids, polysaccharides, flavonoids. It regulates blood pressure. Drinking hot Karkade tea (especially swetened), blood pressure rise up. Drinking a cold Hibiscus , blood pressure goes down. Encourage excess liquid removal from the body. Karkade mixed with cinnamon, a good measure for painful menstruation. Hibiscus has a positive effect on potency. Cold Hibiscus tea with pieces of ice acts as a sedative for sleep. Relieve stress, cleanse the kidneys and liver, great thirst-quencher, has antiseptic properties. Strengthens the immune system and increases physical endurance. Karkade used in cosmetics to treat skin acne (wash the face with Hibiscus broth). Preparation of hot drink: Hibiscus filled with boiling water. Cold drink: karkade filled with lukewarm water.

The hibiscus benefits 


are comprised of easy treatment for widespread cold and winter fluas well as developing up of the defense system to avoid condition. It can also be used as a fever reducer, pain reliever and spasm reliever. The best part about it is that it is all natural and will not work against your body in fighting off illness. It works naturally with your body to provide the extra support needed to put up the wall against sickness. Using hibiscus on a regular basis can reduce the amount of time you have to suffer with an illness like the common cold or flu. It can also provide you with a natural ability to ward off respiratory infection and cystitis.

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