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The medicinal properties of Anise, Natural And Medical Herbs

The medicinal properties of Anise:

-Comfortable to the nerves, and colic reliever and cough.
-Tonic for digestion and diuretic.
-Anise is useful for childbirth and lactation process.

Anise is one of the good herbs to bring out the phlegm where taken fill a teaspoon to two tablespoons and added to fill the cup has been boiled water and leave for quarter of an hour or so, then strain and drink the cup is taken in the morning and another cup at bedtime.

And boiled anise drink hot dwell intestinal colic in infants, children and adults also benefit in the expulsion of gases, and is useful in asthma attacks, increases milk production in lactating women, and enters the star anise in many moods cough and expectorant also useful in some types of headaches, shortness of breath and alarm strong for the digestive system and appetizing.

Benefits include:

 Effective to relieve colic and stimulate digestion, diuresis, remove flatulence, remove the diseases of the chest, throat and cough, expel wind ventral, soothing light and calms nervous headache, give the children to the expulsion of gases and mitigate mourn.

How to use:

Bring to boil and then filtered seed and drink and if added with fennel was a great interest and useful, as well as with honey.

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