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Lemongrass tea for Beauty skin and hair care

Excellent tones, refreshes, removes fatigue feeling, helps to revive the body's strength. Helps to focus attention, to study larger amounts of knowledge. Lemongrass oil is ideal repellent.

Beauty skin
Lemongrass oil may be a useful gizmo for shiny, skin condition prone skin. Astringents and cleanses expanded pores. Eliminates blackheads and removes skin infections. Lemongrass oil may be a sensible treatment in plant life skin infections. Normalizes perspiration of sweat, and simply removes unpleasant odors appropriate for serious sweats foot care.

For hair care
Lemongrass oil used as a mask oily hair reduces hair tonic, whereas feeding and cherishing your hair.

Medical uses
Lemongrass oil may be a nice treatment in metastasis diseases. Cures colds, sinus infections and alternative metastasis diseases. Removes of headaches and sick headache pain. Relieves cardiovascular disease, dizziness, faint feeling.

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