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Black Pepper, Best cure for the common cold

* The nutritional value of black pepper:

Black Pepper

1. Contains many nutrients such as iron, vitamin K, and dietary fiber.

2. Compounds enhances the absorption of nutrients from foods which increases the rate of absorption of nutrients from the intestine and increase the efficiency of drugs.

3. Towel with the risk of cancer and Alzheimer's disease

4. Research revealed that there exists in brown pepper six compounds help balance blood pressure.

5. Four vehicles were discovered in brown pepper resistant to osteoporosis.

6. Research indicates that inhalation of black pepper oil helped reduce the symptoms associated with smoking cessation.

7. Contributed inhaling black pepper oils improve swallowing function and reduce the symptoms of swallowing disorders in patients who have suffered strokes.

8. Crust contains black peppercorns compounds that help in the decomposition of fat cells in the body, which helps to get rid of them

Despite all this, but the consumption of black pepper in large quantities inconsistent with the presence of ulcers and wounds in the digestive tract. Must address black pepper without binge

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