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Natural Herbs Used in Cooking - Nefertiti Co.


Cumin is the most important spice in Asian kitchen. It has a special flavor and odor, slightly reminiscent of nuts. Cumin added to meat and fish dishes, baked and stewed vegetables, and salads. Placed in the bean, pea meal, to facilitate digestion.


Turmeric is a spice with a strong scent. It is used in meat, fish, poultry, and vegetable dishes. Turmeric has a natural color, soluble in fat, so use butter, margarine, mustard, cheese, sugary drinks, sweets, liquor color enhancement. It is added in the curry spice mix.


Cardamom improves soup, meat, chicken and vegetable dishes. Cardamom added to bread, cookies, gingerbread, cakes with fruit, sausages. Improves the dish taste, adds a unique flavor. It is one of the best measures to improve digestion, reduces flatulence.

 Black Pepper

Pepper used in the production of a variety of dishes all around the world. It is used in cheese, salads, meat and fish dishes. Black Pepper is Added to marinades, smoked meat and fish products. Also pepper used in the manufacture of some alcoholic beverages.

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