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Organic Coconut Oil

Organic Coconut Oil

Coconut oil (cocos nucifera) is rich in antioxidants, vitamin E and lauric acid, which helps avoid the formation of free radicals, skin aging. Coconut oil is suitable for all skin types, even the baby's delicate skin.  Coconut oil is widely used in aromatherapy added to massage oils (due to its excellent texture increases slip during massage), creams, body lotions, many hair care products. Used before sunbaths (to get nice bronze skin tones, has a natural protective factor). Aftersunbathing, moisturise and soften the sun-irritated skin, helps to a longer lasting tan. Often used for psoriasis, neurodermatitis, dermatitis, improves skin condition. Has antibacterial effects, prevents pimples, clean blackheads. Coconut oil is used after the bath or shower instead of body lotion or cream (applied on wet skin, well it softens, moisturize).

Used in chemically damaged, weak hair (restores hair texture, moisturize, nourish hair, gives shine to them).  Coconut oil used as a styling tool (small amount of coconut oil with wet hands, grease on your hair, without touching the hair root). Repairing hair mask: rub coconut oil into the scalp, lubricate dry, damaged hair, and leave on overnight. This hair mask will also help get rid of dandruff. Used after shaving and after epilation. Baby’s delicate skin care: mix equal parts coconut, almond and jojoba oils.

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