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Anti Wrinkle Oil

Anti Wrinkle Oil 

Our skin influenced by many harmful factors (sun, environmental pollution, inadequate food, indoors, nerve stress). With age the cell renewal process in our skin slows down, wrinkles appear, the skin loses its elasticity, radiance and beauty.

We introduce natural, cold-pressed extracted, oil mix for your skin. Natural oil, better than cream penetrates to the skin, feeding and moisturizing. Activates collagen production (creases and prevents new wrinkles). The skin regains elasticity, getting brightness, looks younger. This oil mix easily removes allergic reaction, soothes and heal damaged skin. Promotes skin cell renewal process, the blood circulation. Well absorbed into the skin without leaving a trace of fat. Suitable for all skin types, anti-allergic.

Use: morning and evening, a small amount of Anti Wrinkle Oil mix apply on face in facial lines directions, neck, and chest skin and massage gently. Surplus oil after 10 minutes removes with paper towel.

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